Who are we really?

We are just people! We appreciate the freedom, time, life in all its forms, friendship, love, experience and knowledge of past generations, the right of free option and peaceful sky!


What do we want?

The role of OIKOS is to make the world better and seek ways to better connection between wisdom and activity of man and so contribute to the development of the economy and also to production of new goods and the development of new services. Important is also the discovery of science and technologies of the future, preservation of the cultural heritage of mankind, the building of a healthy lifestyle and the development of ecology. Essential is also to support innovative ideas and solutions and to assist in their enforcement into life.

Who we associate?
The OIKOS connects a variety of successful people or people aspiring to be successful. Successful in our terms is a person who has  progressive thought, is well informed or reached a certain level of knowledge in private life and at work, clearly is aware of his mission in the world and is trying to educate a new generation of people whose principle of life is based on the harmony of human laws as well as on the laws of nature.